Antminer S4 malfunction

Hello Folks… Yesterday one of my Antminer S4’s started showing a slowdown in the hash rate.  From time to time the hash rate fluctuates, and sometimes fluctuates quite a bit as you watch it.  However this time it seemed to be a little different, as the lower rate was consistent.  The hash rate was staying fairly consistent in the 1.5 Th/s range.

I checked all the settings, and they seemed OK, except I noticed on the Administration > Miner Stats page that the ASIC Status had one of the lines that contained only 1 set of zero’s.  Sorry I didn’t capture the screen print during the situation, but the below graphic shows where to look.


I did a dashboard Reset, however that did not change anything.  So… I took the unit off-line and opened it up.  Didn’t see anything out of place, and it didn’t seem that dusty in there.  None the less, I blew the components off using a can of compressed air.  Not much of anything was evident in the way of hidden dust.  So, I put the top back on, set it in the rack, connected electric and network cable and fired it back up.  When I next checked the stats… everything was back to normal.

So, not sure what the problem was, perhaps that set of chips just decided to take a break.  In any case, it’s hashing properly now.  A big sigh of relief on my part.  That would have been very disappointing to have the unit fail (partially) this soon after purchase.  And the ironic part of it was, that was the only unit of the 3 that I bought new.  The other 2 were used units I bought off EBay, and they haven’t missed a beat since I put them into service.

So, moral of the story is… if one of your units indicates a consistent reduction in hashing power, shut it down, blow it out, and power it back up.  Maybe that’s all it will take to get it back to hashing at 100%.

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Make better use of your hashing power !

Hello folks…

I wanted to tell you about a service I found that helps in deciding which coin to mine.  As you know there are a bunch out there.  But HOW do you know which one is the best to mine?

Many may be like me, in that, I just mined a coin that I liked, or heard was good, or was easiest to set up.  I found out that is NOT the most profitable way to mine.  In fact, if your are not mining correctly, you are likely mining unprofitable.  Meaning, you are making the electric company rich, and yourself poor.  No sense mining unless you can make a buck at it.

You need some way to do the research necessary to determine the most profitable coin to mine.  Yes, I found out the hard way by mining unprofitable coins.  I would make a couple of bucks, then when I calculated my electricity costs to get that couple of bucks… I was losing money.  No future in that !

Research is time consuming, even when you know what your doing… I didn’t.  So, I needed some way to be able to determine the most profitable coin, and not spend hours doing it (because time is money, right!).  AND… I found out that even though a coin may be profitable today, or now… it may not be tomorrow, or in an hour.  Bummer… I though this was going to be an easy way to make a couple of bucks.

Then I stumbled across Smarter Hash.  This is a service that brings a ton of information to your desktop, in one application (web-based).  Since coin profitability is fluid, the information needed to make a determination needs to be constantly updated.  Smarter Hash does just that.  Provides a ton of valuable information, and updates much of the information in almost real-time.

When I first signed up for the service, I was overwhelmed with the amount of information provided.  However, they have since created videos that explain the information, and walk you through how best to utilize the information to its fullest extent – making YOU more money.

If your struggling to make any decent money mining, like I was, you might want to check them out.  It’s not a big company, just a miner realizing the need for information to mine more profitable.  They have been great answering emails, and have been very receptive to my suggestions.  There is a quick-link in the sidebar graphic (top-left), or contact them at the email address below.  Check it out… doesn’t cost anything to look.  If it’s for you, great, if not, no harm no foul.  And if you do check it out, let me know what you think.

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Back up your wallets !

Hello All… well, if you have been following along you know I’m just getting started with this mining thing.  Scrypt mining hasn’t showed me much, but pretty happy with my BitCoin mining.

I did run into a problem over the last couple of days, and that is, I moved my DogeCoin wallet from one folder to a sub-folder under a “Wallets” folder.  I figured I would keep all my wallets in one main folder.  Well… that didn’t go over so good.  For some reason I lost all my DogeCoins.  All I did was click and drag the folder from one place to another, on the same drive.  I had like 10k DogeCoins in the wallet and now it registers zero.  Its not that much of a big deal because that 10k amounted to about $1.50 in value.  Still though, I spent several hours trying to recover the coins… with no luck.

But… here is the good news… I learned the lesson of backing up my wallets.  I will back them up often now.  So the good news is, for about $1.50 I learned a valuable lesson(s)… 1) don’t move your wallet, and 2) make sure you have a good backup in case something happens.  Believe me, some lessons like that in life have cost me a lot more than $1.50 to learn, so I consider moving that wallet a good thing.

And… that got me to thinking… I doubt I am the first person to lose coins, so, what happens to all these lost coins floating around in cyberspace?  Since I guess they still technically (and maybe legally) still belong to the person that lost them, I guess they can’t be used in circulation.  I don’t know.  If you do, let me know.  And, by letting me know you will be letting others know also.  Just leave a comment.

And, one more thing… why is there a need to have a wallet for each coin?  Right now I think I have 7 wallets.  That’s crazy !  Why is there not a universal wallet?  Seems like there is an opportunity for someone with some programming aptitude to develop a universal crypto-coin wallet.  Early bird catches the worm… make a million !