Back up your wallets !

Hello All… well, if you have been following along you know I’m just getting started with this mining thing.  Scrypt mining hasn’t showed me much, but pretty happy with my BitCoin mining.

I did run into a problem over the last couple of days, and that is, I moved my DogeCoin wallet from one folder to a sub-folder under a “Wallets” folder.  I figured I would keep all my wallets in one main folder.  Well… that didn’t go over so good.  For some reason I lost all my DogeCoins.  All I did was click and drag the folder from one place to another, on the same drive.  I had like 10k DogeCoins in the wallet and now it registers zero.  Its not that much of a big deal because that 10k amounted to about $1.50 in value.  Still though, I spent several hours trying to recover the coins… with no luck.

But… here is the good news… I learned the lesson of backing up my wallets.  I will back them up often now.  So the good news is, for about $1.50 I learned a valuable lesson(s)… 1) don’t move your wallet, and 2) make sure you have a good backup in case something happens.  Believe me, some lessons like that in life have cost me a lot more than $1.50 to learn, so I consider moving that wallet a good thing.

And… that got me to thinking… I doubt I am the first person to lose coins, so, what happens to all these lost coins floating around in cyberspace?  Since I guess they still technically (and maybe legally) still belong to the person that lost them, I guess they can’t be used in circulation.  I don’t know.  If you do, let me know.  And, by letting me know you will be letting others know also.  Just leave a comment.

And, one more thing… why is there a need to have a wallet for each coin?  Right now I think I have 7 wallets.  That’s crazy !  Why is there not a universal wallet?  Seems like there is an opportunity for someone with some programming aptitude to develop a universal crypto-coin wallet.  Early bird catches the worm… make a million !

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