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Bitcoin Affiliate Network (BAN) went dark sometime yesterday.  Website was unreachable, and mining address were showing up as “dead”.

The website was back up this morning (Wednesday, 4/1/15), partially, but most stats are not showing on the dashboard page.  I personally have not had a payout since 3/24/15, in spite of many blocks having been found during that time.

At the website this morning, Bitcoin Affiliate Network has posted the following message note on the site: (click to enlarge)

BAN_5I entered the chat function and requested information.  The next graphic is the results of that effort: (again, click to enlarge)

BAN_6You can see my frustration at not being given ANY explanation as to the issue, when it will be resolved, or, the safety of my investment.  This is simply unacceptable.  As I stated in one of my comments to the board… management has a fiduciary obligation to provide information on the issues, and what is being done to safeguard their investment.  We’re taking about people’s money here, not simply the inability to access a website.

I like Bitcoin Affiliate Network, and have been using them since I began mining Bitcoin, but this lack of responsiveness about the problem, and it’s resolution, has me searching for another pool.  I understand there can be issues from time to time, and that the cause of those issues may be out of Bitcoin Affiliate Network’s control… however, how they chose to react to such is 100% on them.  There is no excuse for keeping pool members in the dark, while at the same time simply asking for member’s trust.  Trust needs to be earned, not given away freely, which reduces it’s value.

Hopefully, Bitcoin Affiliate Network will realize the importance of good communication, and be forthcoming and forthright with an explanation of the current issues.  And in my opinion, they need to do that immediately.

 UPDATE: (2:00p 4/1/15)  I received a response from Bitcoin Affiliate Network, it is as follows (pasted verbatim):

i understand youre question and can tell you that i am in the same boat
our focus at the moment first is to get up and running again because that would no more reason to be in fear.
most of the participants are very understanding and we have a good community there for i would like to ask you to bear with us and i would like to thanks you for youre patience at this time

here is a official note

we had a pool wide problem and are currently fixing this
the official statement is as follows

DC failure, Server is partially up; shares are being recorded but no eta on stats/payment processing. Suggest backup pools for the time being.

hope this helps clear up the dust a bit for the most up to date information i would like you to go to our webchat to see if there are any updates

we are doing our best to get up and running and better then ever

hope to have informed you enough

with kind regards,


In closing Rudolf states he hopes this clears the dust a bit.  What do you think ?  Didn’t do much for me.  While I appreciate the response, it does not offer any more than the next to nothing they have already put out.

UPDATE: 4/1/15 @ 9:00p – Site still not functional.  Message on site states: “ETA: ~1 hours to finish processing backlogged shares…payments to resume shortly after. “

In searching the web for information, I came across this post from AllCrypt.  In addition to an overall message readers could take away from the post about keeping too much of your coins in an exchange, I was awestruck by the honesty and detail provided by the post.  Much respect goes out to AllCrypt for being so upfront and straightforward with their customers.  Bitcoin Affiliate Network could and should take a page from AllCrypt’s book, and make as full an explanation as AllCrypt.

UPDATE: 4/2/15 @ 9:00a – Site appears to be functioning properly, and I received a payout of all up to date earnings early this morning around 2:00a.  However, I still have not received an explanation as to the issues involved with the shutdown of the site, or the extremely slow payouts.  Prior to today’s payout it had been 9-days since the last payout.  My account is set up for payouts every 8-hours.  So… while still nervous about the stability of the service, I have redirected my miners back to their site.  I strongly look forward to BAN releasing a statement detailing what happened, and what actions have been take to prevent such in the future.

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