Is Scrypt mining dead ?

Hello folks.  I have been mining for only a short while now, but have come to the realization that Scrypt mining may be a losing proposition.  I have one Scrypt miner, a Zeus Thunder X3, and in my area it uses about $2.45 in electricity a day.  See the below graphic.

LiteCoinProfitAs can be seen, at the current price of LiteCoin, I’m losing about $1.18 a day.   Maybe if the price of LiteCoin nearly doubles, I can make a pittance of profit, but until then… I’m pulling the plug.

My BitCoin miners are making money.  Currently I have about 3.3 Mh/s combined hashing power.   I have limited electrical power available (right now I have a dedicated 60-Amps available for the miners) and can use the circuit from the Scrypt miner to power another Sha 256 miner.   That’s what I plan to do for now.  I wish I had more power I could dedicate to the miners, but working from my home I need the remaining power for household devices.

What do YOU do ?   How do you manage the power needs of your mining equipment, and if doing it from home like me, balance the needs of the mining equipment with household needs?  Let me know via the comments function.

Also, what do you do about removing the heat generated from the units?  Right now, it’s winter in the northeast and I heat the rec-room area with the discharge from the units.  However in the summer I will want to discharge that heat out of the house.  I’m thinking something similar to the concept of a dryer vent.  I understand the discharge tube will need to be of larger diameter that that of a dryer vent, but the concept will be the same.  Yes, I could open some windows, but during the summer I frequently run the air conditioner in that room.

Anyway… I’m still learning.  Let’s share some ideas !

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