BAN still in decline !

Hello everyone… it appears Bitcoin Affiliate Network worker participation is still declining.  As you can see by the below graphic (click to enlarge), the worker count has fallen below 900, and as of this writing is sitting at 898.  I have seen this at over 3000 at times.

BAN_11 You will also see in the graphic that I have over half a Bitcoin trapped in there, and I have not had a payout in over 8-days.  You will also see in the next graphic below, 5 blocks have been found since my last payout.  WHERE is the money going ???  Are some being paid and others not?  And if not, why not?

BAN_12My math puts 5 found blocks at about $32,000.00 dollars.  Since the payout hierarchy or procedure is not publically listed, could one reasonably assume that perhaps those with the highest hashing power are being paid first?  My hashing power averaged around 7.5 Terabyte.  Even when the worker count was normal, I was listed in the top 50.  If I am not being paid out, who is?

Bitcoin Affiliate Network needs to come clean on the issues surrounding their troubling recent past.  They need to, at the very least, issue an explanation to those they owe money to.  If they have any hope of recovering their lost participation, they need to issue a public press release detailing the issues, and what they have done, or are doing, to resolve the situation.

I figure I am not unlike many others that have directed their mining capacity to another pool.  I could not justify risking any more costs with a declining chance of payment.  Hopefully I get paid at some point, but that confidence is at present next to nothing.  I cut my losses and moved on.

Will I return… I don’t know at this point.  The pool I am currently participating in (BTC Guild) seems to offer a better user interface, and they are finding blocks about every few hours.  They have found 5 today and the day is 14 hours from being over.  Yes, a larger pool means more shares have to be paid to other workers, but with so many blocks being found there is a much higher confidence level of being paid out on time.

BAN_13So folks… certainly make your own decision, but at least you have some information to decide upon.  Lacking little or no information from Bitcoin Affiliate Network, one needs to determine the importance of such.

As always, feel free to comment with your thoughts.

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