Antminer S4 malfunction

Hello Folks… Yesterday one of my Antminer S4’s started showing a slowdown in the hash rate.  From time to time the hash rate fluctuates, and sometimes fluctuates quite a bit as you watch it.  However this time it seemed to be a little different, as the lower rate was consistent.  The hash rate was staying fairly consistent in the 1.5 Th/s range.

I checked all the settings, and they seemed OK, except I noticed on the Administration > Miner Stats page that the ASIC Status had one of the lines that contained only 1 set of zero’s.  Sorry I didn’t capture the screen print during the situation, but the below graphic shows where to look.


I did a dashboard Reset, however that did not change anything.  So… I took the unit off-line and opened it up.  Didn’t see anything out of place, and it didn’t seem that dusty in there.  None the less, I blew the components off using a can of compressed air.  Not much of anything was evident in the way of hidden dust.  So, I put the top back on, set it in the rack, connected electric and network cable and fired it back up.  When I next checked the stats… everything was back to normal.

So, not sure what the problem was, perhaps that set of chips just decided to take a break.  In any case, it’s hashing properly now.  A big sigh of relief on my part.  That would have been very disappointing to have the unit fail (partially) this soon after purchase.  And the ironic part of it was, that was the only unit of the 3 that I bought new.  The other 2 were used units I bought off EBay, and they haven’t missed a beat since I put them into service.

So, moral of the story is… if one of your units indicates a consistent reduction in hashing power, shut it down, blow it out, and power it back up.  Maybe that’s all it will take to get it back to hashing at 100%.

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